Baseball. Get a firm grip on your bat


Baseball keeps gaining popularity all over the world even though a significant number of planet’s population is already madly in love with this game. What is so special about it? Why can only a few sports be competitive with baseball prevalence? The reason is simple – this game is available for everybody: both children and adults can successfully play it; body type, weight, and height do not play an important role. As well, there are no special medical contra-indications to baseball. All people without severe disorders of a musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system may enjoy this fun game. Ballplayers think quickly and non-standardly; they expeditiously analyze any situation and make winning decisions. Thus, it is worth to teach children to play it already at pre-school age, especially since the game is one of the safest sports.

People are prone to underestimate mental approach in spot success; of course, usually all the responsibility rests with our muscles and physical training, but experience and deftness often play a crucial role in the outcome of the game. Perhaps, if you play it, you want to strengthen your grip to hit a home run. The best baseball teams every day work on mental toughness, improve their ability to focus and react quickly.

The decisive factor is the capability to control attention. Therefore you have to apply different methods and exercises while training, such as use different distracting factors and try not to pay attention to them. One more good way to improve focus control and the reaction is to catch flies. It is an easy way to improve your grip.

Every sports game requires keeping your mind here and now, and baseball is not an exception. Players need not to think about the possible outcome of the competition or anything else, and the best way to get the hang of the game is meditation.  On the sports field, you can focus on your breathing, but try other meditation techniques every day; even still sitting in silence with closed eyes could significantly help you pacify your thoughts. Stay confident in your bat with this new method.

Baseball is full of disappointments; even professional players make more outs than hits, and usually it is very hard for beginners to find enough patience not to quit the sport. That’s why if you start to practice it, be ready for failures and pressure. Frequent losses may be the reason for low self-esteem, but still, you need to work hard to make significant progress. This method can help to get a firm grip and hit a home run.

If you are a coach, let the players know that the outcome does not always depend on them. You can control the preparation process and the efforts, which are often rewarded with the victory, but sometimes it goes the opposite way. Some players find it effective to do a rehearsal in the imagination. How can this method be helpful? First, you will feel more confident during the match; as well, you may find out how to behave in case of failure or any other problem.

Try different approaches, and perhaps it will be your key to success. For instance, you may ask a pitcher slightly change throw direction. This unusual approach may help get a firm grip on your bat; it may turn the dynamics of the game in your favor. Certainly, do not forget, that every new practical method should be “rehearsed” to the perfection before the match; otherwise, your secret weapon will work against yourself.

If you coach children, there is no need to abide by the traditional rules; let them have as many timeouts as they want because bad association with the game can discourage a probable future bright baseball player. Stress the importance of checking swings; it may play a crucial role in the outcome.

Anyway, remember that tastes differ. Not everyone should be a great ballplayer; probably you will have more fun while watching a game and bet on your favorite team if you do not enjoy playing.


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